Full Licence Training

ADT Motorcycle Training offers training for all categories of motorcycle licence including direct access, restricted licences, and further training.

Most of our training is conducted in set courses of 4-6 days, with your tests on the final day. Individual lessons are also available for those who wish to take things a little slower, please contact us for more info on these lessons. 

Please make sure you have passed, or booked your motorcycle theory test before booking your course with ADT.

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Full licence types

A2: Restricted Motorcycle Licence (Restricted Access)

This licence is available for anybody 19 years of age or over. In order to obtain this licence with ADT, you will take your test on one of our restricted 650cc machines. Providing you pass the tests at the end of the course, you will then be given a licence which will allow you to ride any motorcycle up to a maximum of 46.6 bhp. There are many models of bikes which fall under this power limit, and any bikes which do not may be restricted to this power by a motorcycle dealer. For advice on which bikes you can ride and where to restrict them, speak to our knowledgeable team.

A: Unrestricted Motorcycle Licence (Direct Access)

This option is for anybody 24 or over. It is also available to those who have held an A2 licence for at least 2 years. In order to gain this licence with ADT, you will take your tests on a 650cc machine. Providing you pass the test at the end of the course, you will then be given a licence which is unrestricted, and allows you to ride any size machine. Depending on the length of your course, you will begin your course on either a 125cc machine, or a 500cc, and will progress onto a 650cc machine when your instructor decides you're ready.

There are also other categories of licence, see the notes at the bottom of the page.

Course options

4-day course

The 4-day course is our most popular option. This course is designed for those riders who already have a reasonable amount of experience in riding a motorcycle with gears. An example of a 4-day course candidate would be somebody who has previously completed a CBT, and has been riding a 125 regularly for some time. This course would also suit somebody who has some considerable off-road experience, especially on bikes over 125cc.

5-day course

The 5-day course is suited to somebody with only basic experience in riding a geared motorcycle. This course would be recommended to somebody who has only recently completed a CBT. If you've had a successful ride on a friend's bike, or ridden many years ago, this course may suit you also.

6-day course

The 6-day course is designed for those who are completely new to motorcycling. Starting with a CBT on a 125, the course will progress onto a 500cc motorcycle when your instructor feels you are ready, and then onto a 650 respectively (where relevant).

Other categories of licence are as follows:

AM (Moped licence)

This test can be taken by anybody aged 16 or over. You will take your tests on a moped (50cc). Providing you pass, you will be given a licence which will allow you to ride any vehicle up to 50cc, providing it has a maximum speed of 28mph. This is our least popular course, as a CBT will allow you to ride a vehicle up to 50cc, and up to 32mph. An AM licence however will allow you to ride a moped without L-plates, and will allow you to take a passenger.

A1 (125 Licence)

This test can be taken by anybody aged 17 or over. You will take your tests on a 125cc machine. Providing you pass, you will then be given a licence which will allow you only to ride up to 125cc with a maximum power of 14.6bhp. Although this licence doesn't allow you to ride anything bigger than a CBT will, it does last for the life of your licence, you may use motorways, ride without L-plates, and take a passenger.

Automatic Licences

All of the categories of full licences detailed on this page can be taken on automatic bikes. If you pass your tests on an automatic machine, you will be restricted to an automatic machine until you take any further tests. This restriction is in conjunction with any other restrictions placed on you licence category.

Why choose ADT?

ADT have been conducting training for tests for over 27 years, our experience has ensured a continually high pass rate. We will teach you to ride to a very high standard, not just to pass your test. We strive to teach you how to look at any given situation and decide how best to deal with it, rather than riding uniformly and treating every junction and hazard in the same way. Have a look at our feedback on facebook to see the kind of reactions our customers have.

Our courses always include:

- Practical test fees
- CBT Training (where necessary)
- Motorcycle hire
- Equipment hire
- Fuel
- Insurance
- Access to our exclusive module 1 practice site

There are no hidden charges, we will not charge you an insurance excess if you have any problems. We will not charge extra for petrol or for bike hire.

Still unsure?

Please call us on 02392 800 812 if you'd like some more advice on the type of training you require.